Design Innovation Space

Various materials
Size 15 x 20 x 5 m

© Dave Keune

The Design Innovation Space (DIS) is an open, flexible meeting space/laboratory for design and innovation located at Strijp-S, Eindhoven. Creative professionals and the public are invited to use the DIS for diverse events from lectures and exhibitions to workshops. The brief specified a space that left room for experimentation but was simultaneously pragmatic and not standardised. Our aim was to create a dynamic interior that engages its users, thereby enabling them to become an active participant in the space. The resulting modular interior combines flexibility and functionality for maximum customisation.
The interior itself resembles a semi-finished product, one that keeps changing when the raw interior pieces are (re)arranged by users into a finished interior according to their needs. This personal approach creates an interior that grows and evolves, and can therefore accommodate more functions than a standard interior.



A series of detailed, custom-designed furniture units complement the scaffolds both functionally and aesthetically; together, they form a cohesive whole.

These units contain sound, display and lighting equipment, and more. Screens on wheels can be adapted through detachable panels to function as white boards, sound insulation panels or used on their own to provide routing and privacy.

The overall design language is clear, functional and recognisable with wood and metal as the primary materials complemented by accent colours.