Dokkaffee 2.0

Size 10.0 x 30.0 x 6.0 m

© Dave Keune

With an establishment of Boymans van Beuningen museum and Rotterdam school of architecture around the corner Dokkaffee fills in the need for high standard food and drinks on this remote location, one that honors its past of hard labor and meets up to the 21st century standard.

In 2011 Dokkaffee has already been realized, the same team of builders icw Dik houben architects were responsible of the design. Despite all renovations in 2011 the old roof almost collapsed early 2013 which forced the owner to brutely remove the mono-volumes of the first design to be able to support the beams.




After everything was secured we were asked to recreate the Dokkaffee by using parts of the old green volumes. We chose to create a new concept that enriches the environment by both shape and material.

Key to the new concept was the demand of mobility for all items, the owner wanted to be able to move all objects in a snap. By use of a pallet truck most of the items can be moved by just one man. The stage has already been mounted on wheels and can be moved like a big skateboard.
As a contrast to the lacquered wood we used pine, this was nailed in grid that gives a detailed roughness to the additional tables and benches. The benches have been finished with colorful upholstery that completes the green/wooden setup.



The interior consists of:

4 compartments based on recycled pallets. Every compartment has been made out of pine and offers storage space under the bench. The backrest can be slided to give it a playful appearance. By mounting it on recycled pallets its mobility is ensured as well as a colored detail.

1 giant pine table. With its rough beams and a size of 12 meters in length an 3 meters in width this table is a physical translation of the harbor mentality. It offers space to 25 chairs.

3 long benches are behind a wall of vertical blinds. They create a semi transparent wall that offers privacy to those who look for it and gives a nice shadowplay.

1 stage that includes 4 benches. This stage has been created out of 3 pieces that can be detached and moved through the space.

2 round coffee tables created out of beams, relatives of the giant table.

4 pine tables that match with the different benches.

12 turning structures that support classic fixtures.

A variety of lighting fixtures and chairs playfully compliment the interior.